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About this blog

RevisitGermany.com provides travel planning tips for Germany as well as information on cities and historical sightseeing attractions such as museums, tours or famous buildings.

This blog does not provide information about genealogy practices or ancestry research.

Who is this blog for?

The blog primarily acts as a travel planning resource for US Americans with European ancestry. But of course anyone interested in European history can come here to find out which places are worthwhile visiting when planning a (family) heritage trip to Europe.

About me

My name is Sonja Irani and I am the founder and writer here at www.RevisitGermany.com and www.RevisitEurope.com. I was born and raised near the city of Osnabück, which is located in Lower Saxony, northwest Germany. 

I also run a blog about film-inspired travel. On www.FilmFanTravel.com, I provide travel tips for cities and countries that have either featured as a film location or are mentioned as a setting in a film or series. On all of my blogs, my posts are based on my own travel experiences.

My Persian roots

As you can see from my surname, I am not a 100% German. While my mother is German, my father is originally from India

Our surname is easily explained: Several generations before my father was born in India, his ancestors emigrated from Persia (the modern-day Iran) to India due to religious prosecution. They followed the old Persian Parsi faith.

Thus, when my Iranian ancestors settled in India, they became known as the “Iranis”.

Me in September 2019 in Oslo, Norway

For more information about me and my business, check out my website www.sonja-irani.de.

Tour Guide in Bremen since 2018

After I lived in London, UK for three and a half years, I decided to move back to Germany in 2015. At the beginning of 2016, I settled in Bremen in the northwest of Germanyand have lived there every since. I found this city to be the perfect size (not too small, not too big).

I have always had a passion for history and tourism, so in 2018 I decided to make this hobby into a profession by becoming a professional tour guide in Bremen

Bremen's historic town centre and the "Statue of Liberty of the Middle Ages", also called Roland! 
Bremen’s historic town centre and our very own “Statue of Liberty”, also known as “the Roland”

My Master Thesis in “ancestral travel”

In late August 2019, I moved to Sweden to study the one-year Master program “Tourism Destination Development” at Dalarna University (Högskolan Dalarna in Swedish),

From April to June 2020, I wrote my Master Thesis about ancestral tourism to Germany by North American travelers. Through video calls like Zoom, I held interviews with 12 US Americans and one Canadian who had been on an ancestry-inspired trip to Germany in 2019.

The title of my thesis was “Memorable experiences in ancestral tourism – The case of North American visitors in Germany”

New in 2021: 1 hour Virtual tour through Bremen and Bremerhaven

As traveling to Bremen is currently a bit tricky due to COVID-19 (especially for those of you from a bit further away), I have decided to offer an emigration-themed virtual tourthrough Bremen and it’s neighboring city Bremerhaven.

On the one hour tour, you can get a first taste of what’s there to see in these two cities and learn a few bits and pieces about the intriguing 1,200 year-old history of Bremen!

You can book the tour on Viator.com.

Read more about my Bremen and Bremerhaven emigration-themed virtual tour on my blog RevisitGermany.com.

Bremen Town Musicians
Bremen Town Musicians

In-person emigration-themed guided tour in Germany from September 2021

In addition to the virtual tour, I am hoping that at some point in 2021,  we will see tourism gaining up pace again. 

So looking ahead to the fall of 2021 and the spring of 2022, I am planning to offer a guided tour through Bremen and northern Germany for one week (including accommodation in a hotel in Bremen, transport, museum entries and tour guiding services by me). 

This tour will be all about visiting historical attractions, museums and places where you can learn more about what life was like for your ancestors in Germany and when they started their journey to the new world.

So stay tuned for that! 😉

What’s next for you

You found out that your ancestors were from Germany. Perhaps you even know the town or region they emigrated from? Now you would like to come to Germany yourself in order to find out how your ancestors lived? 

Well, then I hope that this blog provides a first overview of where you can go to find out more, what’s really worthwhile visiting and what else you need to know if you’re planning a family heritage trip to Germany.

For other ancestral countries in Europe, such as Sweden, Norway or Ireland, check out my ancestry-inspired travel blog RevisitEurope.com